ooooo. IKEA!

It was about time to blog about something in the design realm. Right before our trip I got my IKEA catalog! I actually haven't had much time to look through it, but I already have some of my fave things picked out. The pictures to your right are things that I just love the look and feel of. My wishlist contains that orange couches at the top (and they are also featured in the bedroom below it) and bascially the entire kid's room. Now I know I have to actually have a child before I can have that room, but I am just getting ideas so it will be awesome when the time comes. It is a lot of blue, but I would do a little more of the oranges and lime greens to make it unisex. Then when I have my 3 to 4 kids they will all enjoy it! I mean I never had something as cool as that room. There is even a surfboard rug and chairs that hang from the ceiling. The two bedrooms in the middle aren't really rooms that I want things from (except the couch) but I think they have really awesome vibes. I am having to work on Wade about the couches. He wasn't there when I got our last couch and it is a tight squeeze when we both lay down. He said he would have gotten a better one if he had been there. So, we have to test that out first before buying. I don't know if he is excited about the color or not. But since I am the graphic designer I will probably have the final say. Oh, and I have no idea when we would ever get this stuff. We don't have extra money to buy it so who knows. It is just really fun to wish!

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