The Scoot

I know I have been posting a lot of pictures lately, but I like pictures! And since my gorgeous husband got me the Canon Rebel, I am now going crazy taking pictures of whatever I can.

Now some of you may not know our dog Scooter. The reason for this is he is so psycho when people come over that only those who can get passed his crazy hyper self make it through our door. Now Scooter is only like this because he gets so excited about having new friends come in. So I have some pictures of Scooter to share with the world in case you haven't seen him.


Megan said...

he is SO CUTE! and i know he will just LOVE all of our property and trees we will have in about 10 years when i get married!! :)

Leah Moreton said...


Nick Cunningham said...

Besides the title to your blog, the whole extra 10 seconds thing might be the deepest thing i've read on the world wide web. ps your dog is cute, i mean real cute