New Additions

Wanted to let you all know that I have now added the design sites that I visit frequently as links on the side. I am sure I have missed some so it may have a few additions over the next week. Also, while I was thinking about my awesome poetry (see previous post), I managed to find this one poem that I wrote when I was in tenth grade. It definitely isn't about love, but it was probably my first real poem. See if you know what is happening in it.


The glassy surface, spots as black as sin
Awaits a young child so it can be invited in
A naive mind, a confident walk
Eliminates the danger that would make him stop
Fun and games soon end, playtime over
The surface wins
The white, the purity, the virgin color
Covers the deeds of nature's lover
The evil, unknown from that day
Lays with the boy at the bottom of his grave.

Update: After Wade read this he reminded me that this poem is kinda scary. So, I wanted to let you know that I am not some sad depressed person who writes unhappy poetry. I actually wrote this one day when it was snowing in Belton. I looked out the window while I was on the computer and saw our little pond kind of frozen and dark looking. I decided I wanted to write something that talked about how beautiful winter and ice can be but also how dangerous. So out came Evil. I guess the ice has more bad qualities than good in my head.

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