Some serious props

I want to take some blogging time to give some SERIOUS props to my husband Wade. Now, I know some of you are thinking, "Oh no, she is going to get mushy." But I assure you this is me trying to take my brain out of my head and analyze something that is before me. Here it is: My husband is an extraordinary worship leader. He is actually the best worship leader I have ever seen. This past Sunday we got our new sound system and the praise band sounded GREAT! Wade led the people and seemed so comfortable on stage. He seemed excited to be there and was ready to lead people into a celebration of God. However, it gets even better. This past week our youth band played at our high school gathering, but normally Wade and his band peeps play and let me tell you this is AMAZING. It is one thing to just do a song like it is on the CD or the radio, but Wade and his band guys frequently change up the songs to fit different moods. I mean there are times when a song has the perfect words but doesn't fit the mood you have set, but Wade can do something with it vocally or musically and I am speechless at how wonderful it is. I am in absolute awe of how he is so talented. Also, for a long time Wade traveled with the Wade Joye Band. It has fewer shows these days because of the committment to our church, but in this band he leads worship and plays his own original songs. The songs he writes are so inspiring. And I get so excited when he has a new song and plays it for me. I know that God gave him the words to write the music. The lyrics always bring me in a moment that is solely focused on Jesus. But finally and most importantly, Wade is a incredible worship leader because of his heart and desire to follow God. I am his wife and therefore know him better than anyone on this earth. And I know that he is striving to walk as close as he can to Jesus. I think God is really using Wade and showing him how to lead His people with music. And I truly believe God is going to do something radical with him. I believe God is going to use Wade for something we never thought even possible. So even though I gave Wade some serious props, it really only matters if continues walking close to Jesus because God is the one who makes Wade awesome.

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