Unloading my Brain

So, after this weekend I need to just unload all of the things that happened since I last posted.

1. Wade gave me the rest of my Valentine presents Thursday night. I received Godiva chocolates (YAY!) and he wrote me a beautiful song. I absolutley loved it. I told him he needs to make me a CD that has all of the songs he has written me. I am so blessed!
2. Friday night Wade and I celebrated our Valentine's dinner (yes we did make it a 3 day celebration) at Pasta Frescas...I think that is how it is spelled. It was wonderful and then we headed to the movies to watch "Music and Lyrics" and I will tell you Hugh Grant is one funny guy.
3. We sent the dogs (Scooter and our pastor's beagle that we are keeping) to Wade's parents so we could head to Charlotte, NC. It was good to have a break from their crazy fighting.
4. We went to Charlotte and tried to get to Cheesecake Factory early so we wouldn't have a long wait, but at 4:30 there was a 70 minute wait. So we bought some cheesecake and headed to a pizza place.
5. Sunday morning was CRAZY. We had to be up at 5:00 am for Wade to get to the church in time to practice with the band. However, Wade couldn't fall asleep so we only got like 3 hours of sleep.
6. The service at Elevation started and the band played. It was awesome! Wade and Mack shared leading songs and it was so powerful. I was so proud of Wade. He looked really into it and energetic and was leading the people into a special time with God. I absolutely loved every second of it. We have some of it on video and I can't wait to watch it. Andrew, Michael, Brian, and Reid came to watch and that meant a lot to me and especially Wade. We also got to eat lunch with them.
7. Steven Furtick had an awesome sermon about dating/sex/love. It had a new spin on it that was very fresh.
8. We came back home and were exhausted. We went to Ignite and it had a low key feel to it tonight. Wade did some acoustic worship and Meghan did a talk on dating relastionships that was great. I barely made it through and then me and Wade headed home to get some much needed sleep. I am now rested and able to take on the week.

Keep us in your prayers. Wade, his mom and dad, and I leave Tuesday after I get off work to head to Tampa for Wade's surgery. It will be a nice break from the regular schedule, but also Wade is having surgery so that isn't fun.


Sharlie said...

I hope Wade's surgery goes well. I will be thinking of you guys.
And it sounds like you had an awesome weekend! :)

Love you.

Megan said...

i think it is cool how since wade didnt get sleep, you didnt get sleep. it's like a team...and you're not mad at him for "keeping you up," you just were up because he was. maybe im reading too much into this. :)

im praying for wade's surgery and you guys as yall are in florida! maybe the sunny and pretty weather will help bring him back to health faster!! i love yall.