I MUST wait

If you haven't seen Wade's blog yet, then let me be the first to tell you I am an AUNT! I am so excited, but as you can see the title of this blog is "I must wait." This is because I have some beautiful pictures but not with me!! So I will wait until I get home to tell you anymore of my little niece so then you can see the baby girl's precious face.

Instead, for this blog I am going to answer some more questions about myself so that if you want you can answer them on your blog as well!

I'd never...at least I don't think I would ever:

1.List two items of clothing you would never wear again.
a. First, it would be the double mismatching socks that I would wear when I was in like 3rd grade. It was hot pink and black and you would have to switch which one was on top for the other foot.
b. The bodysuit things. The snapped at the bottom. Kind of like a adult onesie. That is weird. Although I am seeing them again.

2.List two food items you would never eat again.
a. I don't know if I would never eat it again, but I threw up after eating some Chunky soup and now I have a taste aversion to it. I mean I can't even stand smelling it if Wade heats it up.
b. Carraba's calamari. They say it is supposed to be good and it isn't bad, but it was just chewy.

3.List two types of music you would never intentionally listen to again.
a. I am not proud of it, but I listened to ghetto rap in high school. People could hear my jeep coming into school because my rap was so loud. I would never get back into that. So many things that are too sinful in that music.
b. I would actually listen to it, but just to make fun of it. This is for Wade: Stings solo stuff.

4.List two TV shows you would never watch again.
a. I used to like Real World, but something about it made me stop wanting to watch it.
b. I used to LOOOOVE America's Next Top Model. Well, actually only the first season. After that it seemed lame-o. It was probably lame-o first season, but I refuse to believe that.

5.List two beverages you would never drink again.
a. Coke Zero. Gross. I felt like I was drinking salt. It was so nasty.
b. Hot tea. I don't remember where or when I had it, but I remember thinking why would you choose this over sweet tea?

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