Poor Scooter

The time has come for Scooter to become less of a man. He is scheduled to be neutered tomorrow. So I am going to have to leave work a little early to give him a bath and to get him food because he cannot have food or water after 6 in his preparation for surgery. I feel sorry for the little guy. He is so energetic and wild that it will probably be difficult for him to stay chill long enough so his wound heals. I came home yesterday and it seemed like he was a little more loving, showed a little more of the sad puppy face, and just a little better behaved. Of course, I am imagining all of that because I feel sad for him. But maybe it will lessen his desire to sniff other male dogs in a rather odd spot.

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Sharlie said...

Awwe, poor Scooter. He will be fine, but I know you will still worry about him. Hugs to Scooter!