Scooter ruins our house

It has been awhile since Scooter has done something incredibly weird, but he made up for lost time yesterday. Here is the story.

So I come home from working all day and will only be able to stay at the house for a few minutes before I need to get going for my small group. Wade is at the church because Wednesday are his longest days and he stays there from 8:45am-11:00pm. So Scooter has one of three options of where he stays at each day: his crate, outside, or our used-to-be guest room which has nothing in it (aka Scooter's room). Scooter has not been able to be outside lately because he just got neutered and being outside could make his wound dirty or infected. So yesterday, Scooter had the pleasure of being in his room. So I walk in around 5:00. And walk to Scooter's room to let him out. I open the door and see that Scooter has mutilated his bed and has taken a lot of the stuffing out. The stuffing is scattered all over the room in massive clumps. However, this isn't the first time he has done this and isn't incredibly weird. So as I am picking up all the stuffing and look up at the wall. I notice there are these weird markings along the wall. They are the height of Scooter and go around the entire room. There are hundreds of these little reddish brown marks. I think, "Could him throwing his toy around the room could do this." But that doesn't seem likely. Then I look at our stark white door. And I see it is blood. Then I freak out. What could have done this? Did Scooter kill some mouse or something? There isn't much blood on the floor though, just a little sprinkle. Could his mouth have bled on his toy and him flinging it around the room cause hundreds of blood splatters? Still doesn't seem likely. However, I couldn't figure it out. I put Scooter in his crate and go to church and tell Wade the story. When we get home we both inspect the room again. After thinking about it I realize it must be his tail. We check Scooter and sure enough the end of his tail has dried blood on it. Apparently Scooter has been chomping on his tail. He walked around in circles in his room wagging his tail like crazy and hit the wall hundreds of times. It took about an hour and 4 Mr. Clean erasers to get it off the wall. I checked it this morning and there is this weird dirty looking band around the room. So I am going to have to go back over with some more magic eraser. If that doesn't work it looks like we will have to paint that room so someone looking to buy our house won't think we are freaks. Scooter totally ruins our house. By the way he is fine. We put some antibiotic stuff on it and he was being crazy Scooter like always.

I remind you that he recently caused our laundry door to fall down and hit our wall which left a huge hole in the wall. Scooter apparently doesn't want us to sell the house.


Sharlie said...

Oh my goodness! Well, at least I know that I am not the only one with crazy dogs. I hope you can get the stain off of the wall. I don't know what color the paint is but if it is just plain ole white then spray some Fantastic that come with the bleach in it. I had to do that in our bathroom because of the moisture in there and it took it right off.

jac said...

Ferris! I just found your blog through Will's! How are you? Your neice is absolutely adorable! And she was born just a few days after our baby! Hope everything is going great!

Jessi Connolly

Will said...

I'm a big fan of Ferris Joye. Thanks for the comment!

Megan said...

ferris! you need to get on your website and put it up so that google will have it for people who search for your sweet design skills!