The Blog World

Sometimes when I have a moment I go to Technorati and search things that I enjoy and see if someone blogs about it. Words I have searched in the past are: 24, church, modern furniture, graphic design, animals...you get the picture. And every now and then I see a really cool blog. Maybe someone who talks about the way they are decorating their house with some cool couch from Design Within Reach or a pastor talking about his recent series. I recently found this girl who was from Columbia that was the foster mom of Dazzler the dog that I would see at PetSmart and always wanted to take home. It is just weird. Like I should know her, but I only could only see her through her blog. I mean Technorati and Blogger give us ways to look at other blogs, actually encourage it, by posting the most popular/ interesting blogs. Do you do this? Do you look through random blogs?

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