Ruby Tuesday on Devine

I had a lot of fun this weekend. One of my best friends from Belton (Alyson) came to visit me here in Columbia. We figured out it had been since my wedding since we last saw each other. I couldn't believe it had been that long. Then I felt like a horrible friend for not seeing her sooner. But anyway, she brought one of her friends along (Mandy) and we decided to go out to eat lunch. So me being the amazing host I am thought that they should eat at a truly Columbian restaurant. I make my drive to downtown talking about how we can go to Harpers or Yesterdays since they are the finest of Columbia, South Carolina dining. We eventually decide on Harpers. I start down Harden street and think how beautiful downtown is looking. They have all these gorgeous lamp posts with newly made sidewalks. It was really pretty. Maybe me and Wade will go eat somewhere there soon.
Then I look forward and there it is. The mob of the St. Patty's Day celebration in Five Points. How could I forget something like that? So I immediately had to change my course of action and eventually found our way to Ruby Tuesday...the restaurant chain that can be found in any city in the nation practically. What makes it worse is there is a Ruby Tuesday literally 3 minutes from my house while this one is probably 20. However, we did have a good time. I loved getting to see Alyson. And I have told myself I won't let it be 2 years before I see her or any of my friends again. So now I have to see Meagan and Amber sometime soon!
If there is someone you haven't seen in awhile and just need to pick up the phone and call or go see them this weekend then DO IT! I am so bad at keeping in touch with people and there really is no excuse. I have 365 days a year just like anyone else and I can rearrange my schedule to see my friends at least once a year and so can you!

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Anonymous said...

Ferris!!! I have been trying to find you forever, I was searching the internet for some churches in the Columbia area and remembered that you and your husband are here and he works at a church, so that got me curious and searching and then I found this blog and there you are! Sharlie's baby is beautiful, they live just down the street from my parent's in honea path now, I love the house they bought. Anyway, I am rambling, I live in Columbia now and and working on my masters in Communications and am looking for a church to attend on the weekends so I don't have to drive home. I'm not a blogger or anything but if you want to get in touch with me, my email is still tstrawhorn@hotmail.com. I hope life is treating you wonderfully, we should get together I live off of Greystone and work on Assembly st so I am always downtown somewhere. Look forward to hearing from you.
Tami Strawhorn