The warm weather makes me dreamy

So South Carolina has had a couple of days of amazing weather. The kind that immediately makes you start thinking about summer vacations, swimming pools, barbecues, and days on the beach. Here are some things that keep popping up in my mind now that the weather is warm.

Sitting on a back porch in rocking chairs.

Inviting friends over to grill steak and playing a board game.

Being in a canoe on a serene lake.

Making a picnic of sandwiches with the edges cut off and taking them to a grassy hill.

Picking random wild flowers and putting them in my hair.

Wearing a flowing white dress and laughing.

Sitting in the middle of nowhere at night looking up at the stars.

Trying to catch a lightning bug in my hands.

Hopefully, Wade and I can do some of these things soon.

Hope the summer weather has you dreaming of playing outside.

1 comment:

Nick Cunningham said...

I didn't know you were such a hippie :) dream on mrs joye