Look for Less

It has been awhile since I blogged. It has been crazy! However, even though it has been awhile since I have blogged I really don't have much in my head that I would want to write about. So, I decided to share with the ladies out there a few of my fave online fashion stores. Now, I haven't bought anything from any of these stores, but I sometimes gaze at their clothes imagining what I would buy if I had some spare clothing cash.
Here they are:

This is kind of teenager/early 20s. At least that is what I am calling it. I especially love their fashion tops and dresses. And it actually looks like they got some new things up since I last looked.

Kind of weird, but cool. It seems like this site would have some interesting finds so people would comment that they love your style because it is different. It actually feels pretty 60's to me. I like the shoes area and the stuff area. Some of the shirts and dresses are cute. But the denim section looks weird to me.

This site is impressing me so much. I am so bad at picking out which things will look cute together and Old Navy has outfits that even include a purse, shoes and jewelry. You gotta love that.

This has the same feel as the top two, but has a men's section as well. We must be going into a 60s-70s era with our tops. Everything has this groovy vibe.

And what sent me to these sites? This did.

It's the Look for Less section on InStyle's webpage.
I actually like Christina's look here. I want to try to do some black with red accents.

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