Anyone who knows me or Wade knows that I love me some sleep. I usually start making a big deal about us having to go to bed at 10:00. So why am I writing a blog at 10:30? Because I am at the church for our Sunday morning praise band rehearsal. I have finished my MediaShout for all three services and am listening to the band practice "Grace Will Be My Song" by Steve Fee. Of course the band didn't get to start til 10:00 since our sound has been rewired and we are having some issues about whose cable is where kind of things. But the sound system will be freaking sweet when it is all fixed! So it looks like they have decided just now to call it quits and come at 7:30 on Sunday morning. So if you wanted an update of the praise band rehearsals then you have the scoop. I am glad Megan is singing again this week. She was great this past week. I saw her lifting her hands up to God like she was the only one in the sanctuary (even though she was standing on stage in front of 500 people)...it reminds me of just how amazing and personal our God is. Wade does this too, but it is a little harder for him since he is playing guitar and has a pick in his hand. I like seeing the band members really worshiping and being passionate about the song. I like seeing that they are proud to take us into a place of worship through the music. Anyway, the band is packing up and I have done enough rambling. Goodnight! Even though we have a 30 minute drive home! Got to love Wed. nights.


Megan said...

you mean, GOT TO LOVE YOU! im so glad youre there every wednesday night b/c it makes the sound check bearable to look up and see you doing your media shout, haha, and of course tim's oatmeal raisin cookies which are the bomb.com.

i am so very thankful for you!

Ferris said...

Tim's cookies are the most delicious of all cookies. They certainly do make the practice more enjoyable. Can't wait to worship with you Sunday!