What's in your belly?

I came back a little while ago from going on a walk with Scooter. He is now laying by our glass door to our backyard completely stretched out and exhausted. I had one old man on our walk tell me the secret to a great pregnancy and quick recovery is walking, walking, walking. It is awesome how many random people talk to you when you are pregnant. I had a little girl come up to me at Coldstone yesterday and say, "What is in your belly...a baby?" To which I replied, "Yes, there are two babies in there." And then she walked up and poked me in the stomach. Seriously! It was the greatest thing ever.

Wade's parents came up yesterday and prepped the girls' room and the bathroom next to their room for painting. They come back today to prime and Saturday is the actual painting of the rooms. I think I am already in "nesting" mode because I want everything to just magically be in place. I have gone crazy about things needing to be organized. I am sure I am driving Wade insane. Don't worry Wade, we only have at the most 13 weeks to go!


megan said...

congrats on your baby girls ferris! brandon and i are praying for them! :)

Michelle Jamie said...

When I was pregnant, I also loved it when people would interact with me.