A prayer for heart healing

I had plans to write my post early, but I have just been so exhausted today. The girls have had a great day today with all of their vitals. We found out that Adleigh's PDA has not closed yet. They don't want to do another course of the medication so we were given the options to wait it out or to do surgery. She is doing so well with her breathing that the doctor feels that hers could possibly go away on its own with time. So the plan is to watch her today, tomorrow, and so on to see if her breathing keeps getting better or worse. I specifically prayed over Adleigh's isolette that no surgery would be needed and that her PDA will close quickly.
Liana will have her echocardiogram tomorrow to see if her PDA is closed. If hers is not the doctors recommend that she immediately go into the surgery because her lungs cannot handle all the extra blood flow. We are praying hard for her that this PDA will be completely closed tomorrow and stay closed! She needs this so bad because she has more trouble breathing than her sister does. Our God is our healer and we know that He has Liana and Adleigh's health securely in His hands. Join us in praying tomorrow for their PDAs! Also, Liana had her bilirubin mask taken off today since she was no longer on phototherapy treatments and we finally got to see her beautiful little face. I don't think anyone could find two more gorgeous babies than mine!


Stephanie said...

Ferris, I read this verse today and thought of your girls.

Psalm 73:26
"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

I am praying for God to take both Liana's and Adleigh's little bodies and use them to show us how big he is.

I am also praying for both you and Wade. I am praying that he will give you wisdom, patience, comfort, and strength.

I am praying that he will take you all in his arms and show you how powerful his love is.

Lot of love to you all!

Michelle Jamie said...

I will be praying for your little girls today!

megan said...

brandon and i will be praying!

The Gotbeters said...

Praying for you all here in Charleston. We got your blog addy through our friend Nate Davis'. I am also a La leche league leader, I am not sure if you are pumping for the gilrs but if you ever need any support or help please email me.! Brittan tgotbeter@knology.net

Angela Bouknight said...

I was thrilled to see the pics of you and Wade holding your precious little girls. I am praying for their healing and for your strength!