Praising God

I went to church today and it was so amazing to be back with so many people worshiping our God. I loved singing out songs that declared how great our God is!
Adleigh had a good day. She was on the nasal cannula today and she looked so much more comfortable. She was eating some food, but they decided to stop that so they could watch her PDA a little more closely and give her digestive system some rest. Please pray that Adleigh's PDA closes on its own so that she won't need the surgery.
Liana is doing pretty well after the surgery. She had a few times where her oxygen level dropped really low and they had to give her more oxygen. Her incision looks good and the surgeon is happy with how she is doing. We just continue to pray that she stays in a stable condition and that she will get off of the oscillator soon.
God is using our girls to minister to a lot of people in the NICU, online, in our friends lives, and beyond all of that too. We are really excited to see how God specifically uses our daughters to make His name famous.


Hollie said...

We are praying for your sweet babies and for you guys. Wade helped us with a few youth camps several years ago while my husband was a youth pastor. We came across his blog a few months ago!
We are praying!

Rhondi said...

Dear Ferris
I have been reading your blog every day and praying for your precious little girls and for you and Wade also. I was thinking about how much you love your sweet daughters and how much God loves YOU. Now that you are parents you can begin to understand a little better how much God loves you! I thought of Psalm 103:11 as I was writing this. Actually the entire Psalm is awesome.
Hope today brings some more good news.

sara said...

I have been praying for your sweet girls too. I know how much you love them and how hard it is to imagine that God could love them anymore than you do. My prayer is that you would continue to have faith, hope, and great courage to walk with your precious little ones through whatever is ahead.