I've lost my mind

Last night I was on my way back home from Lowe's. It is probably about 5 minutes from my house and it was almost 9 so not many cars were out. I was listening to some Bloc Party and I saw a little bug on my windshield. It looked like one of those flying ants...a type of bug if I found in my house I would normally kill instantly.

However last night I felt sorry for this little bug. Somehow he stumbled onto my windshield and had no idea he was in for the ride of his life. He clung on for dear life and would get a small break at a red light where he would then re-situate himself for the massive wind. I figured out that if the car went past 40 mph he had a harder time holding on. So of course I went 35 to 40 in a 45 mph speed zone. I had two cars whiz past me and probably thought I was some old lady who needed to stop driving but instead I was just some crazy preggo lady hoping to get this little bug to safety.


harelson18 said...

I love that you are being so sensative to bugs! I cannot wait Animal Planet without crying! All those dogs without a home makes me really sad! I hope that bug appreciates you!

Sarah Burton said...

I have never in my life had sympathy for any kind of insect. Maybe in the future pregnancy will make me smile with fondness at a passing gnat, but that doesn't seem likely.