We love our Grandparents...and each other

We have had the girls home over a week and a half now. For some reason in the hospital we called Adleigh "the bear" and Liana "the mouse." It ended up actually fitting because Adleigh would grunt like a bear and Liana made squeak noises like a mouse. Well, their aunt Jamie has taken their nicknames one step further and we have Adabear and Loulie mouse (mostly just Loulie though).
We had to take Adleigh to the pediatrician because the whites of her eyes turned a greenish color. This was a sign that her jaundice was getting worse so the pediatrician sent us to the hospital to get labs done on her bili levels. It had gone up, but not enough to really do anything about at this point so this week we should hear from her specialist as to what we should do. And just to remind everyone this isn't the typical jaundice that can be fixed with light. She is on a medication and this may take months to go away. Thank you for the continued prayers for her.

Here is the video of the day we brought Liana home and first put the girls together. They had been a little fussy before and as soon as they got next to each other they seemed so peaceful. However, it hasn't been like that much since.

And here are the girls with Wade's parents.

And then with my parents.


Karen said...

That was such a precious video of the girls! Thanks for sharing...I will be praying for Adleigh's jaundice to get better quickly!
Karen Luke

Carolinakid said...

These are great award winning pictures and video! We have been following the twins' progress. Early on we put your blog entries in our church's prayer room here in Orangeburg. God truly answers prayer! A bunch of Orangeburgers are praying for all of you!

Friends of Howard & Bev

Bob & Jean

Anonymous said...

I have tears in my eyes at the two sweet baby girls you have. How sweet & what a journey y'all have been on!