The great sleepover of 2008

We got home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Liana isn't having any bradys anymore unless it is associated with her reflux. I thought I was cautious before about germs but now I am going to be a crazy lady about it. Thank you for all your prayers because she was able to get out of the hospital quicker than we thought and she is doing much better now.

I had two really cute posts planned before we went into sickville, so here goes the first one.

Jamie (Wade's cousin) and I kept the girls by ourselves for a day and a half last week (Wade was home a little bit but we let him sleep). We had two nights where we had to keep them so we figured the best way for us to get sleep would be to have a good ole fashioned sleepover. We made a pallet downstairs and the girls slept in between us on their special pallet and it actually worked. We made a plan to do this each year around the time that they got to come home. Of course we took pictures so here are a few of the shots.


The Gotbeters said...

That is precious!! Cosleeping is the best ( and easiest way to go!)

MOM said...

How cute, cute! I love it that you made it into a party. Did you paint the little girls little toenails?

By the way MOM upside down is WOW! And that is what I say about you.

God bless,

Judy said...

Oops, this 'MOM' is so used to writing on her daughters' blogs that I put MOM, instead of Judy.