Back To The Hospital

Guest Blogger: Wade Joye

Things got a little crazy at the Joye household last night. Liana and Adleigh had been sick the past few days, which is something you don't want with preemies. A minor cold for a regular baby can become very serious for a premature one due to the lung issues they have and the fact that they didn't get a lot of the antibodies other babies get in the womb.

Anyway, Liana was extremely congested yesterday so we took her to the doctor. Our pediatrician told us to watch her to see if it got worse. Well, the gunk quickly moved to her chest. At 11 PM, she began to have a bunch of brady spells where her heart monitor would go off. After about 7 of those, the doctor told us to take her in to the emergency room.

The verdict in the ER was that Liana needed to be readmitted to the hospital until she made it through the worst of whatever she had. As much as I didn't want to come back here, it made me feel good to know that she was going to be closely watched. Thankfully, we got test results back that confirm that she does not have RSV which is what we were really worried about.

This go around, things in the hospital are a lot different. We are actually in our own room, and we take care of her while the nurse comes in for supportive care. Adleigh is at home, so things are a bit more complicated. My mom and cousin Jamie have been lifesavers.

After our hospital slumber party tonight, we are hopeful that Liana can go home tomorrow. Pray that she has a good night, and that Adleigh doesn't follow in her sister's footsteps.


shannnah said...

prayers sent that she gets better and you guys can get out of the hospital! Good luck

Casey Darnell said...

praying for yall! Anisa is looking forward to meeting y'all as were sittin here reading you and your husband's blog!