Bath Time

Thank you to everyone who posted a helpful tip on what to do with a baby who won't sleep in their crib. I decided that since they are on heart monitors right now that it would be okay to roll some blankets up and make my own cozy sleep positioner. This is what they did at the hospital and as soon as I made it last night Liana slept in her crib for 1.5 hours! I couldn't believe it. She is also getting better with her reflux...well she is actually spitting up more, but she isn't having bradys as much anymore.

This Friday we had Adleigh's scans. She did amazing! A lot of you must have been praying because she pretty much slept the whole time and never cried. She had her last bottle at 5:30 am and she didn't eat again until 12:45 pm. She even had to have an IV put in her arm for the HIDA scan so that the nuclear medicine would go quickly through her body and she didn't make a peep. Then they had to strap her to the table (she was laying on a comfy pillow) for an hour to get continuous pictures of what the medicine was doing. We then had to go back at 2:30 and have her lay under the machine for another 30 minutes. We haven't gotten back an official word on the results but our pediatrician said that everything looked pretty good. We should hear something more from her specialist sometime this week.

Today, Adleigh had her first episode of apnea (not taking a breath for 20 seconds). We were so confused! She didn't really even have these in the hospital near the end so needless to say we were a little freaked out. I then had to take her to the hospital to get blood taken to check her bili levels and she had 4 very quick episodes in the car. She hasn't had anything since then so we are guessing maybe she was just in a deep sleep or that the monitor was crazy. Although we did have some blood drawn to check for any infection. So please pray that little Adleigh is completely healthy.

Finally, here is some pictures during the girls' bathtime.
Liana is up first then Adleigh. And if you are wondering, Adleigh's belly button sticks out really far because she has a hernia. In this case it normally fixes itself but it may take months to even a year before it finally resolves.


Anonymous said...

My little girl has a hernia too! She is one now and it is still there but it looks so much better than it did when she was little! So don't worry it will get smaller!

Deborah Burrows said...

First of all, I wanted to let you both know that God has blessed me by way of your blogs and your precious daughters. I look forward to the news you share!

Concerning Liana's reflux, have you tried the Dr. Brown bottles? They seem to work really well.

May God bless all of you and keep you in His peace.

Sharlie said...

They are so precious! I ditto the Dr. Brown bottles. We loved them with Pressley!

Anonymous said...

I used to make my own baby positioners by rolling up baby blankets & putting my babies on their sides (turned them to the other side when after feedings or if I woke up w/ them).

I'm a tummy mama, so they got to sleep on their tummies at 6-8 weeks old b/c of digestive problems. (sensitive tummies!) All three of my kids were this way.

Anonymous said...

my little guy was born at 34 weeks and about a week after we brought him home so almsot a month old he developed a hernia and at about 4 months old it resolved itself....it was so crazy...just slowly went back in over a cpl of days...so i hope the same goes for adleigh! by the way ur lil ones r so precious!!!

Anonymous said...


this story just goes to show how small the world is and how God can connect people. i live in burlington, nc, but i grew up in charlotte. i wasn't living there when elevation began, but i have followed its progress for the past couple years. i wish i could move back to charlotte just to become involved in such a vibrant church! i have some close friends who do attend and they rave about the worship teams especially. she told me about wade and that the two of you had premature twin girls with a lot of medical problems.

anyway, last week, i saw steven furtick speak at catalyst. i was so impressed by him and his journey that i looked up his blog to learn some more about him. as i started blog-linking, i came across wade's and your blog. i have read every post you have made about your two precious girls. when i finished reading it, i felt like i know you and your family now. and the truth is, i knew about your family before i even found your blog. my dad is dr. bob attorri. i thank God that he was part of adleigh's healing!

it is a miracle from God that you have the two most beautiful little girls! i love reading the stories of children whose lives my dad has saved. God bless you and your daughters. if i ever make it back to charlotte, you can bet that i will be coming to elevation!

with all Gods love,


Merritt Pace said...

I am a friend of Emily Wallace's in Columbia. Emily told me about your twins during the summer, and I have been praying for you since that time. My son, Samuel, was born premature at 29 weeks. He came home on oxygen and an apnea monitor, so I know a little of what you are going through. Feel free to visit my blog (www.thepacespace.blogspot.com) to see what Samuel is like now at almost 4 years old!! It is unbelievable! He is on NO medications and has NO health problems! May God bless your family.

Merritt Pace