Meals for the Joye Family

We are all so excited that Adleigh and Liana are now at home with their family. I know many people are looking for an opportunity to bless the Joye Family, so what better way than helping provide dinner for the family so they can focus on what truly matters.... the girls!

If you'd like to help by providing a meal, please email me at Lorimblack@gmail.com and I'll send you details on how we are organizing this. Also, if you have any questions on needs of the family, please email me as well and I can help you--needless to say, Ferris and Wade have their hands full right now!

I know I can speak for them when I say, thank you so much for the continued prayers and support.

Lori Black

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Dee Dee Hanagriff said...

Since I live in Jacksonville, FL, I won't be able to prepare a meal. I do pray and have been praying for the Joye family since the girls were born. Can we see more pictures please!!!