Would You Rather Wednesday

I have decided that I enjoy hearing your responses to random questions. Ya'll need to get better at the how many game. But I now establish Wednesdays (as long as I can remember to do it) as Would You Rather Day! So here is your question.

Would you rather:
lose your keys three days in a row
have your dog eat your birthday cake?

I actually left my keys at church while Wade was gone. So thankfully I got to use his keys. So I would rather lose my keys three days in a row. Birthday cake is just so good.


Will said...

Would you rather speak with a lisp for a month.

or have an awkward catch phrase for the same amount of time like....I shop at Krogers!!

For me it would probably be the awkward catch phrase. I like to set trends, awkward or not.

MoM said...

Maybe have my dog eat my Bd cake???? Not sure

Megan said...

i think the other game was too confusing to figure out. at least that's why i didn't play. i think i'd rather my dog eat my birthday cake...he would be happy and we would be laughing for years to come.

would you rather scream at the top of your lungs for an hour
OR have your eyes glued shut for a day?

Ferris said...

I guess how many was a little confusing. I would rather scream at the top of my lungs. Something about your eyes being glued shut makes me think of the movie Saw or some other gruesome scary movie.

Will said...

Why is everybody ignoring me!!

Ferris said...

Will...I would definitely have the awkward catch phrase. The more awkward the better.

Will said...

Thank you for the attention. I can always count on you Ferris. Unlike some other blogless Joyes out there!