Well it was a sad day yesterday. My mom let me know that my childhood dog Rio passed away. I was really sad. I hadn't been around Rio much since I moved to Columbia, but it still hit me.

I received Rio as my 13th birthday present. So although my mom definitely took care of him he was still my little dog. But then I started thinking about my dog Scooter. Wade and I have to do everything for him. We have to take him outside to use the bathroom. We have to put his food out for him to be able to eat. We have to take him on walks so he gets exercise. I mean it is a little taste of taking care of a child. I have only had Scooter for two years, but if anything happened to him it would be devastating because I have had to rearrange my schedule for him for two years and take care of him.

So I started thinking about how my mom did all that for Rio. And although I love Rio, I never had to take of him like he was my little child. My mom had Rio for 11 years so him passing away was really hard on her. Rio was an awesome dog and I know he had a good dog life. And I am so glad I got to grow up with him being my dog.

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