My Top Ten Disney Attractions

Here is my list of the top ten things you need to ride/do at the Disney Parks:

10. Epcot's World Showcase: Although it isn't a ride I had to put this on the list. This was one of my favorite things at Disney and we almost didn't do it. Make sure to go in each country and look at their stores. Wade and I got some funny pictures and you could buy some awesome souvenirs in each country.

9. Epcot's Soarin: I thought this might be lame before I got on it, but once it started it was an amazing experience. In some parts of the ride you really feel like your feet may hit the trees or water.

8. Blizzard Beach's Summit Plummet: This giant straight down slide is ridiculous. They have a thing to check your speed at the bottom. Wade went about 55 mph and I went 50. The second time we went on it I went so fast that my bathing suit top unbuckled in the back. That's fast.

7. Magic Kingdom's Thunder Mountain: A classic roller coaster that lasts a long time. What made this so fun was when we held out our camera and took really funny pictures of one another on the ride.

6. Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur: This ride was really cool because it was in the dark and random dinosaurs would look like they wanted to eat you. Wade and I had a sweet picture of him pointing at a dinosaur and me looking like I wanted to hug it. We didn't buy it though. Sorry.

5. MGM's Rocking Roller Coaster: I mean it plays Aerosmith music and it is a crazy in the dark roller coaster. Two things that go together like eggs and bacon.

4. Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain: Probably the most famous attraction, but classics become classics because of how amazing they are. So it makes my list. Also, once again an in the dark roller coaster. It just makes the thrills much more intense.

3. MGM's The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: I loved this ride. Reasons why it is on the list at number 3: 1.It has a little bit of a story to it. 2.The people who run the rides all stay in character. 3.It has random drops. 4.The scenery while you are waiting in lines is incredible (cobwebs, scary books, dim candelabras, etc).

2. Animal Kingdom's Kilimanjaro Safari: This ride was unreal. You rode up to wild animals, some without fences, and got to take great photos. We had one giraffe so close to us that it got scared of our truck and we had to slowly pass it so it wouldn't freak out. You need to have a good camera or a video camera for this ride. You are going to want to capture this unique experience!

And now for my top ride of all Disney attractions...
1. Animal Kingdom's Expedition Everest: This is one good roller coaster. You ride forwards then backwards, see a Yeti, change tracks, go through a mountain, almost run off the mountain, zoom into caves, and afterwards you will want to immediately grab the next fast-pass for it! This by far has the coolest scenery that a roller coaster can go through.

Well if you are heading to Disney anytime soon then you will want to print this top ten list and make sure you hit all of my attractions. If not...when you get to your hotel turn to the Disney Information Channel and you can watch Stacy tell you her top ten rides over and over and over again.

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Allie said...

I love Soarin'! And yes, it does have a realistic feeling to it. During parts where we go across rivers or mountains or other things like that, I lift my feet up because it seems so real. My favorite part is the citrus grove. I love that sweet, citrus smell during the ride...it smells so good! :)