The Happy Plant

Memorial Day usually means a good time to relax and rejuvenate since spring is crazy. However Wade and I were busy working on our house. We are trying to make our house look like a nice home so that when people walk in they lean into their spouse and say, "This is too cute, I can see us being here." So in order to make this happen we have our work cut out for us. So with the help of Wade's parents, our aunt Vicky and our real estate agent, we are trying to make it look good for our potential home buyers.

Wade's parents helped with a bunch of paint stuff while we were on vacation at Disney. Now Wade and I are trying to add homey things like better pillows, rugs, a few vases (all compliments of Vicky) to have a unified look. But right now I want to say that our best move was when we added this plant next to our TV area.

It is the Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana. And it is also known as the "Happy Plant." Before Wade and I knew the name we would look at the plant and just smile. We think the plant instantly made the living room have a cozier feel. So if we have a quick offer on the house (which I am praying we do) I think a little part is due to the "Happy Plant."

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