Surgery Update and Day 1 of Christmas

So I tried to post a blog over the holidays, but it had a video in it and things would just not work!

After Liana's surgery it was a little rough. She cried a lot and we just chalked it up to she is recovering from her surgery and not liking a shunt being in her head. Well, it had been about a week since her surgery and she was still acting the same so I decided to call her neurosurgeon's office and told them how she was acting. They said it didn't seem normal and instead of bringing her back in 3 weeks for her scheduled appointment they wanted her to come in that day. We got another CT scan and they said everything looked normal. But her fontanel (soft spot) was still really sunken in and kind of hard so they decreased the rate of the fluid draining through her shunt. I feel like that has helped a ton! She still seems to get a little irritated, but a lot less crying (and by crying I mean the type of cry that makes you think she is horribly miserable and saying, "Mommy, please help me." Heartbreaking!)

One thing we have noticed is that she has taken a few steps back in her tummy time. She used to almost do a full push up and lift her head so high. She had rolled over totally to her surprise a few times too. But now she struggles to even lift her neck up. When I try to put her hands under her so she can push up she just lays her head down. Thankfully her physical therapist comes back on Tuesday (we had off this past week) so we will be drilling her on what we should do.

Finally, the girls had 4 days of Christmas cheer. We put on a new outfit starting Monday and leading up to Christmas and had some awesome photo shoots. Here is Day 1's hits.

Adleigh having fun.
Adleigh with a sweet smile.
Liana with a silent laugh.
My beautiful girls. Adleigh looks kinda weird.
If only you could see me and Grammy behind the camera. We were doing crazy dances, making baby squeals, and shaking toys. And for all that we get these faces.
Hope you enjoyed Day 1!

Hopefully now that crazy Christmas is over I will be able to do a little better on my early new year's resolution!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so relieved to hear something. I was really worried. Thank God she is doing so much better now. Hopefully the PT can help get her neck stronger again.

Colleen Corbett said...

I think we have all been waiting on an update! You can't give us news like that and then leave us! The girls look beautiful! I'm happy and relieved that everything is going well! Keep the good news coming Ferris. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I agree...we check your blog regularly (read...everyday!)to see how our little angels are doing. I, too, was worried when you hadn't posted. We realize that you and Wade have your hands full so we do appreciate you taking time to let us know how they are doing! Glad to see you had a wonderful Christmas and we pray that you have a blessed New Years!

geisme said...

I'm in agreement with everyone else, but having twins myself, I know how crazy life can be, so I was chalking it up to that & praying everything was okay.
Too cute on the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just stumbled across your site. January 31, 2008 my hubby and I also had twin preemie girls at 30 weeks. We also had a rare twin preg ,Monoamniotic twins. Were your girls this? I saw that you mention possible TTTS and assumed they shared a placenta but you didn't mention if they shared the amnino sac. We also went to Cinncinati, Ohio and met with the team for an MRI If you did happen to be one of the rare Mono preg. check out monoamniotic.org, they also have a DImo section. It is a wonderful place to meet moms that went thru the same thing and have issues that deal with twins. Your girls are beautiful and look like they are adjusting well.