My favorite things (part 1)

Okay so I have decided to make my New Year's resolution early. I promise to blog at least 3 to 4 times a week. I know so many of you prayed really hard for the girls and I updated you everyday and now I am failing miserably to keep you in the loop. So, you will be getting way more posts now.

Anyway, among the many amazing things we have for our girls there have been a few things that have helped me stay sane or that the girls adore. Here is the first one.

The Mobile

The girls love this thing! They will watch this go around the entire 15 minutes that it plays. Which is a long amount of time when it comes to twins. We tried to have two different mobiles but the other one was lame, so we got another one just like it. There is a lot of black and white (high contrast) designs on the bottom of the feet of the animals and under the little triangle things which is very good for babies to look at. Then there are little pieces that move on the top to make noise to keep the girls even more entertained. I can't imagine a cooler mobile.

We have started putting the girls in one crib in the morning and letting them watch their mobile together. It has started to become a really sweet time for them and for me watching it. So of course you know I have a video. So here is the video of the girls watching one of my (and hopefully their) favorite things!


Terry (Ferris 's MoM) said...

Ferris I hsve been looking at your blog everyday to see what was going on there and today seeing the girls in the crib together was so exciting! They are sooo sweet,and they're so cuddly, I loved watching the video. I wil watch it over and over...Thank you for taking the video...I love you ,your MoM

GE is me said...

How beautiful they are! Enjoy every minute of it, 'cuz before you know it, they'll be walking and toddlers and OHHH, they just grow WAY TOO FAST!!!! I honestly don't know where the last 3 almost 4 years have gone.

Bethany said...

Oh how precious! They are really looking identical now!