Wedding season

Tomorrow Wade and I head off to Richmond, VA to see our wonderful friends Will and Sarah get married. I love weddings. I think once you are married you have this inner joy to see other people join the club.

Here are some of my reasons that I get so excited for my friends when they get married.
1. You get to wake up every morning next to your best friend. I love the mornings that Wade and I have a few extra minutes before one of us has to get up. We are sorta delirious and always end up laughing about something.
2. You have someone that is on your side no matter what. It means a lot to know that someone is there to support you when it seems everyone else is on the other side. And you become a team, a force to be reckoned with. Team Joye will take you down.
3. You are better together than you were by yourself. It is amazing how one's strengths help the others weakness and vice versa. Or how you can accomplish so much more with your different skill sets and gifts God has given each of you.
4. Your marriage only gets better with time. I know I have only been married basically three years, but I already see how things get richer with time. Our first year of marriage was AMAZING, but I am by far enjoying right now more.
5. It is fun to make babies. Wade might have told me to write that. I hope that isn't too scandalous for a blog.

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