...Just testing you

This Wed. I will be 14 weeks pregnant...that's the 2nd trimester people! I went through pretty much the entire first trimester not even feeling nauseous. There was about two days in there that I did in the morning for about 5 minutes, but then was fine for the rest of the day. I haven't had any mood changes except for one random burst of tears when talking to Wade on the phone once, but I think a lot of that was from just missing him for the 3+ weeks he had been gone.

But last week I woke up, ate breakfast, still felt hungry, looked in the pantry, felt weird, ran to the bathroom, then threw up. So weird. One random day out of 13 weeks?!? It wasn't too bad though and so far no repeats so we are good!

I also received my first baby gift (except for two baby books Wade's mom had gotten). Sweet Amy Corbett got me a little onesie that is adorable. It says "Nothing's wrong...just testing you." I got a little emotional over receiving it because it is the first thing I have gotten that I could see our little baby wearing in my head.

Wade's mom and dad came up last week and we stopped into a baby store and Bev went giddy. She decided to get a gender neutral color (yellow) and got a little ensemble for the baby. It is super cute and even has little dogs on it so that Scooter got a little loving too.

And finally Wade, his parents, and I went to a Bobcats game. The Bobcats were victorious against Atlanta. We had a great time and Wade decided he wants to keep up with the Bobcats now. Wade got so excited when he saw Earl Boykins because is 5'5" and plays in the NBA! And he was awesome.

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