Baby Books

Before I got pregnant, I took about 6 books from my sister to get me baby ready. For the two months before I knew I was pregnant I would read something out of the books everyday. I would constantly search through the baby names book trying to find that perfect name to call a baby boy or girl. Then something happened...I found out I was pregnant. I pretty much stopped reading all of the books. I really don't understand why I would do this. Wouldn't you want to read up more when you are actually experiencing all of the stuff the books talk about? Wouldn't I be obsessing about what name I should give the little one growing inside me? Apparently not.
However, I am getting to the point where I think I need to start reading again. I am absolutely clueless about babies so I need to read up as much as I can. And since Wade and I like completely different names I am going to have to start looking so that I find the perfect blend of what we like.

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