My friend Rachel Olshine and Kelly Hubatka both tagged me in their blogs. I had been meaning to answer Rachel's (since she was first) but now I can do both of them at once!

Here are the rules for both:
  • When tagged place the name of the person that tagged you and URL on your blog.
  • Write 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Name 7 bloggers that you are tagging.
1. I have a hate/no love relationship with my hair. I feel like I can never do anything with it and it is always so limp. I had one awesome haircut (thanks to Meredith Brock) that helped with this problem but it is back in full force now. But I am going to schedule a haircut soon so I won't complain anymore.

2. I love my house to be uncluttered. I want everything to have its place and if it was up to me we wouldn't have any personal items. But Wade couldn't live like this so I make do. But it is like pulling teeth for me to give my house a deep clean. I really need to vacuum and mop my house right now. You can see Scooter pawprints on the wood floors.

3. I am super awkward when you first meet me. Well you might not think so, but it is true. I have a partial shy side that comes out when I don't know someone, but I still want to make a good impression so I am trying to get out of my shyness but feeling super uncomfortable doing it. However, it usually makes for an interesting night.

4. I am the worst phone caller in the world. My friends from B-town probably feel like I don't care about them, but it is so hard for me to sit down and decide to call someone. I just hate talking on the phone. I try to make an effort but it usually only lasts for a week.

5. I have a slight fear of 18 wheelers. Whenever I am next to them on the road I either speed up to get by them as fast as I can or go really slow to avoid being frightened. I remember writing in 8th grade about our worst fear and instead of being snakes, spiders, or bees mine was 18 wheelers.

6. Some of you may know this, but I get mad at technology a lot. Wade makes fun of me because my profession is based all on technology but I feel like a lot of it has made life so impersonal. But what is stupid is the fact that I pretty much embrace it all. I just think back to simpler times and wonder how things might be different.

7. Last random fact...whenever I brush my teeth I take way longer than any normal person. I feel like I either have to sit down and chill for a few minutes or use the time to do something useful like make the bed, put clothes in the hamper, or clear the counter.

Here are my tagged ones.
Sharlie (my sister)
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