Poor Scooter

Yesterday Scooter went to the vet. As a puppy he was so good at the vet. The doctor would stick out their hand and Scooter would lick them and his tail would wag like crazy. They would give him a shot and then he would kiss them again. I was so proud of him. But yesterday was different. Yesterday was not fun.

It all started when we walked inside. He was instantly on the hunt. He went around the vet office sniffing like a crazy dog. Usually when Scooter sees people he gets really excited and runs up to them and kisses them, but this time anyone that came up to him he backed away from. Then there were other dogs in the office that wanted to play with Scooter, but of course Scooter did this, "I'm scared, don't come near me" low growl/groan under his breath. That reaction I actually did expect. He is kinda skittish around other dogs.

Then he had to go to the back and get the shots. Normally this is where Scooter outshines other dogs. So sweet and not moving when it is time for the shots, but not yesterday, he was acting up so much they took him to the back away from me. So weird!

In the end, Scooter got all the shots and some treats. The vet told us that Scooter needs to go on a weight loss program. Apparently he has a chunky back side and some love handles. I feel your pain Scooter. So we had to reduce the amount of dog food we give him and he has to up his exercise to get rid of the weight. I guess it helps now that he has his backyard to roam around in. Here is overweight Scooter in his new fenced-in backyard.


Anonymous said...

Man, that's some serious Beagle Budonkadonk!

Will said...

Get that fatty off my lap!!

Will said...

Gave your husband some props in my blog today. Check it!