The lone married one, until...

I got married two months before I turned 21, to Wade who is 8 years older than me, while I still had one year left of college. Needless to say my friends who I grew up with weren't anywhere close to making that decision and I have been the lone married one out of our high school clan for awhile now. But the other day one of my best friends Alyson called me to let me know she just got engaged! I loved hearing Alyson say that she got engaged and knowing by experience how much she is going to love marriage and that this is going to be such a wonderful time for her. So I had so much excitement inside for Alyson that I had to post a blog about it.

(Watch out Alyson, the roles are about to be reversed! What?!)


Emanna said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one who was crazy enough to get married a year before I graduated college (and one week before I turned 21! Ha!). :0) My professors were mortified to say the least (but most of them were single...go figure). I went to SCAD for graphic design as well. For the longest time my husband and I were the only ones who were married, and it made for some very interesting discussion amongst our friends.

We've been married for over 17 years now, and it's been an incredible journey. Not all fun and games mind you, but worth every moment.



Alyson said...

Thank you! I am SO excited to join you in the "married club"! And don't worry, I am completely expecting the roles to be reversed!