Chuck and Design

Wade and I have quite a few shows that we really enjoy watching. One of those shows is called "Chuck." It comes on NBC at 8 and is about this everyday type guy who saw top secret information and is now helping secret agents figure out national security issues. It is a humorous show with action and romance. You will love it. I actually told Wade last week that I wished Chuck could come on every night.

Although I love the show and I think you should watch it that isn't the reason for the post. The reason I posted about Chuck is because it wins the title in my opinion for best beginning credits for a tv show. One area of graphic design that you can specialize in is coming up with these opening credits (like the opening credits for the Spiderman movies). If I was better at animation I would love to come up with these. So when this show fully embraced the creative opening I was super excited.


Eric said...

Ferris, I'm a big Chuck fan too. The intro is pretty cool - don't know how they do all that but.. Also like the new Bionic Woman. The only problem with it is, there are no cool sounds when she jumps or uses her bionic eye like the original show.

Candice & Daniel said...


I'm sure you probably don't know me...but I attend Elevation...(sing bgv's)...Daniel and I are looking for someone to create a brand/logo for our photography business, The Beautiful Mess....and was wondering if that's something that you do with your graphic design....feel free to e-mail me if that's something you'd be interested in...(your husband has my e-mail address :)

Candice (Lanning)

Anonymous said...

the vid doesnt work any more