Mute Math

So this past Friday Wade, Eric Phillips, and myself made our way uptown Charlotte to see the band Mute Math. I had listened to their cd previously and really enjoyed them and I knew that they were super creative, but my face was completely rocked off and from here on out I will be at any show they have that is near me.

Here are some things that I saw that made me know this concert was going to be the jam:

1. I was basically on the front row. There was one girl in front of me so I had one of the best views ever.
2. The drummer came out on stage, took a roll of tape and wrapped it around his headphones so they wouldn't came off as he rocked out. He also had this look on his face like he was missing a few screws and on some medication.
3. The lead singer did these super awkward dance moves that ended up being somehow extremely cool.
4. The band members all rotated instruments. The bass player went to the drums, then the singer played keys/keytar and did some drum stuff, then the guitar player did some keys. It was crazy.
5. The drummer did this drum breakdown (video below) and just picked up his drums and set them on things and didn't care if anything got messed up.
6. During one song, the lead singer did some handstand kind of things on his keyboard and then flipped over it, then he jumped back over and pulled down a speaker.
7. When they played their last song, the stage ended up being in complete ruins. The drums had been knocked over, mics were on the ground, a guitar had been taken by the audience. Everyone knew that there wasn't going to be another song.

I guess you can tell from those things that these band members are just crazy. And wouldn't you know it they are all Christians and if you read their lyrics you will notice it. I love how these guys are Christians, but rock the boat on how the music has to be. They have come out with a sound that is so different from any other band and they are getting recognized. I think this is a perfect example of how being really creative is something that God is pleased with. He didn't make us to watch someone and do exactly what they do. He made us so that we would take risks and chances and even if you look stupid at least you tried it.

(This video is from the concert in Charlotte that we saw and seems to have the angle of exactly where I was standing. You can see the bass player has taken over the drummer's spot, the drummer is the one going to town on his sideways drum, and the singer moved from the keys to hitting the standing drum in the back.)

(This is them wrapping up the drum breakdown.)


Lindsey said...

Hi Ferris, this is Lindsey Gallagher. We haven't formally met, but we've both been at Pulse events and I was at this concert with a bunch of other Elevators. We actually talked with Beth Brown for a while. Totally amazing concert. I love their music and creativity. I hadn't seen them live before, but my friend Erika had me so pumped. Incredible. And the drummer, yeah, pretty much fantastic. That duct tape was a clear necessity. He's hardcore. :)

Shelly said...

hey ferris, this is michelle white, and we haven't formally met either, but just as lindsey said I have seen you when I volunteer for pulse events and stuff like that :)

anyways amazing blog post and videos! I was at this concert too and actually was suprised I didn't see you and wade, since I was in the very front row too, but I was right in the center and by your videos it looked like you were more in front of the drummer.

anyway, I totally agree, it was an amazing show. and I hope to get to actually meet you sometime, most likely at the next pulse event or some other time at elevation :)