Sunday Night

Tonight Nick's talk started out with a discussion about eyes. Eyes are intricate and complex, but to tell you the truth I complain a lot about my eyes. Take for instance this morning...I was at church where I do media stuff in the balcony for the services when all of the sudden my eyes go completely "foggy." Foggy is the term I use when my contacts get all dry and stuff so then I get blurry vision. So I sit there blinking like a mad woman trying to get my tear ducts to do something to make my eyes water. This is when I say to myself...why do I have to wear these stupid contacts?!?! Well I will tell you why I have to...I can't see without them.

Looking back at this dialogue between me and my inner self makes me wonder what else I have that helps me out but I still complain about. I've been thinking about how blessed I am and how much I have that needs to be shared with people who aren't so fortunate. I've been thinking about how I need to focus on things that further God's kingdom either financially or by prayer.

Tonight I was able to lead a teenage girl to Christ. We had an altar call at youth and she was the first one to stand and walk to me. I was so proud of her for not being scared or feeling awkward being in front of everyone. She didn't want to wait a second longer to tell someone that she wanted to become of follower of Jesus. That is just amazing. She was focused on what really matters-Jesus. And that is where I want to make sure my eyes (with contacts) stay fixed upon so that I don't miss an opportunity to do something amazing for Him.

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