My Sister and niece

Another beautiful day! A little chilly but gorgeous. I was just sitting here thinking about my sister and how I can't wait until I get a chance to visit her. She is close to being 6 months pregnant with a little girl. It seems so surreal that she is going to be a mom. I mean I think back to when she would drag me out of her room because I was cramping her style while she was on the phone with her middle school boyfriend. But I have always looked up to her...she has been one of my heroes growing up.

I hope when she has her baby that I will be the aunt that Pressley (that's the baby's name) can look up to. I hope that my sister Sharlie and her husband Benjamin will teach her how to follow Christ and tell her how He is the ultimate hero for us all. He will never let us down and He will always be there for Pressley. LIfe is going to be incredibly hard when Pressley grows up...violence in schools, war, bad enviroment, etc. But the only thing that matters is Christ.

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