Ambient Light

Ambient Light: Also known as "available light" or "existing light". It's the surrounding light within an environment.

So apparently I jumped on board the blog train. Of course my gorgeous husband Wade has his own blog... www.wadejoye.typepad.com and it got me wanting to have one of my own. It is so easy to lose a journal or even if you keep one you never share the amazing things you wrote that God is doing in your life with someone. But with this invention of blogs we are able to share with others some important things and some minute details.

However, in a way it is kind of funny that I am making a blog. As my husband can attest to I go on rants and raves about technology. So for me having something so personal as an online journal is the ultimate victory for technology. Well unless you count that technology won when I became a graphic designer...yeah I probably would give that as the ultimate victory for technology.

And finally for today's post, I wanted to share why I called my blog Ambient Light. As you might know this is an art term, also used in graphic design. The definition is above. And even though it is used for art I thought what better term to represent this journal. I am showing you a little piece of my life with each post by shining a light on myself. There is so much more to me that you will never know and I don't want you to know (except Wade), but I will shine a little light on certain areas to show you what God is doing in my life and then the randomness that goes with being human.


Wade Joye said...

Your thoughts and ideas will revolutionize the blogosphere. Welcome. By the way, you are really hot. I love you!

Nick Cunningham said...

Ambient Light...wow. I'm impressed, not like i should be, you ARE Ferris Joye after all

Terry I said...

Ferris , what an unigue , neat name , alot like who you are. I read your Blog and I found it very touching , you sound very intelligent . You sound like a person that I would like to be around more,,,hint , hint. I look forward to reading more Bolgs from you. keep up the good work, and I hope your eyes get to feeling better. Have you been to the Eye Dr lately? Love to you..TI