Even though I am a graphic designer I always have such a hard time trying to decorate my house. I know what I like when I look in a magazine. I know what styles my eye tends to gravitate to. But when it comes to implementing it in my home I just can't do it. I realized that I mostly fall short in the details. Our playroom is one of my favorite rooms in our house. But I feel like it is lacking some detail. So when I saw this Flickr pool of Toy Rooms, I have found some ideas that I might could put into our own playroom. Click here to take a look.

I think my favorite has to be this one. It is practical and full of color. I am loving the wall of shelves so the kids can see all their toys. And the two tables are great for trains, coloring, and all kinds of goodness! I am so sad I didn't paint our playroom before we secured everything to the wall!! I'll post pictures of our playroom soon.

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Nicole said...

I do not know what you will do about the toy room but it will be gorgeous if you do as well as with your daughters!
I hadn't come by for 2 month and I can't believe they have changed sooooo much!
How wonderfull!

Nicole said...
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Teresa Bridwell said...

About fifteen years ago, I bought a bunch of cubes that could be stacked or separate for my sons' room. We have used them in their closets, playroom, bathroom and now my 22 yr old has several at college. They are just particle board with white covering, not expensive but very useful. I hope speech is going well. : )