My girls love to smile and laugh. Wade and I consistently prayed throughout the pregnancy for our girls to be filled with joy and laughter. I must say that I can see that our prayer was answered. We have so much fun together. I thought you might enjoy some pictures that show just how happy these little ladies are. (First 3 are Adleigh, last 3 Liana)

We also had a fun day today because we had a visit from Grammy, Grandaddy, Grandma Joye (the girls great-grandma), and Candy the dog. It is Grandma Joye's birthday tomorrow. So we want to wish her a very happy birthday. We had so much fun "chillin" with you and Candy today!!! Love you.


Jenni Hendrix said...

They are getting so big! And they are beautiful!

dawn said...

awwww ferris ~ the girls are so sweet and getting so big!! they are so beautiful! we still need to do that playdate we have talked about! jaelyn would love to hang out with your girls!!!

The Gotbeters said...

They are so big and look at all their hair!!! Cant believe its been a year. What little miracles they are:) love the new blog look-