I love looking on websites to find out what schedules other moms have with little ones that are Adleigh and Liana's age. Here is our daily schedule.

7-7:15: Wake up
7:30: Eat breakfast (pancakes, waffles, cereal, have a cup of milk)
8-9:30: Play time w/ lots of reading, On Tues/Wed we have therapy for Liana
9:30-11: Nap time
11:30/12: Lunch
12:30-2:15: Play time, run errands, go outside
4-5: Snack and hang out
5-6: More play time, stroller walk, hang out with Daddy, on Thurs Liana has therapy
6-7: Dinner, usually baths (sometimes I do baths in the morning)
7: Bedtime

I would love to hear what your schedules are. Do you think I should add anything to our routine? By the way, if you noticed we went back to 2 naps. Liana just couldn't cut it with one nap. Once we went back, our naps went back to being easy again. I guess she was super glad to get the extra sleep that she decided to not fight to stay up!

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Mary said...

Hi! My friend, Heather Thompson, asked me to pray for your sweet girls when they were born early... and I've been reading your blog ever since! It is so heartwarming and beautiful to see their smiling, happy faces! Anyway, I love seeing other people's schedules too and I just love getting fun ideas from others too! If you feel like checking out what our schedule looked like when my oldest was 3 and youngest was 1, then check out the "daily schedule" entry on my blog :)
p.s. I also think you and/or your husband might know a couple of my other friends in addition to the Thompsons... Amy and Travis Johnson (they're my daughter's godparents) and Jenny and Chris Pruitt?
Take care,