Schedules and Routines

I feel like I am finally about to see the light of day again. For two and a half weeks straight I have been basically sitting at my computer all day doing random graphic design projects. And it has been without any kind of break. No blog checking, no surfing the web, no doing much of anything except move type around and pick colors. So I am pretty excited that some of the projects are at least ending or wrapping up.

Not only has that been going on, but I am also still trying to make our house organized so we don't come in stressed out, I am supposed to be looking for jobs, and I am running tons of errands concerning our house or the bills or our car.

Anyway, it isn't that I mind doing all these things, in fact I love doing most of these things (not errands). But when I don't have a schedule or a set routine I get a little overwhelmed. I listened to a sermon called "Downtime" by Andy Stanley (thanks to our staff wives lunch) and it has really helped me out. I look back at this last month and think how different it could have been if I had established a routine of when things are going to get done and what things should just be taken off my to do list. I know that God wants our lives to be productive and He wants us to be hard workers but He also wants us to enjoy all the little things that make life so special...the things that make our lives so unique.

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