The Pick Up Artist

I will admit it, when Wade and I veg out in front of the TV at night it sometimes goes to a random reality show. We've been known to get addicted to some of these pretty lame shows and there is no reasonable explanation as to why.

One show that we saw from the very beginning is "The Pick Up Artist" with our fave guys Mystery and his wingmen Matadore and J Dog. They are teaching a few guys that our culture would say are losers and putting them through "pick up artist" school. You would have to watch the show to know all about IOIs and negs, and kino, but it is basically to help these guys become more comfortable around women and think of it as a privledge to the women that they are even being hit on.

So why am I sharing this reality show with you? Because as Wade and I took Scooter on a walk the other day he told me that even though he didn't know anything about Mystery's methods he thinks that he was following the guidelines when he met me. Yes, you read that right, Wade thinks he is a natural pick up artist. Thankfully, the only one he showed this gift to was me and I totally fell for it all.

So I figured I would leave you with the commercial for The Pick Up Artist just so you can see Mystery and his two wingmen to his left and right.


Anonymous said...

so, i'm embarrased to tell you how often chad and i find ourselves in the same position. i've finally sworn off of Real World (what 28 year old needs to know all past and current cast members for crying out loud), but i think i might have accidently hooked chad in the process. opps.
it was more than enjoyable to spend time with you on sunday. lets do it again soon.
love, kristin

kristin rochester said...

can you tell i'm new at this? i'm anonymous! ha.

Lindsey said...

Haha, this show absolutely makes me laugh. I admit I've watched it as well. Interesting, interesting...to say the least.