Since moving into our house we have had to deal with several companies in order for our house to function. Some we bought things from, some we had to ask them to do a task for us, some gave us a certain service, you get the idea. Well in all of that I think something has gone wrong with 9 out of 10 of these "requests." Now I am guessing since we have had a lot of problems then I could totally be to blame, but I feel like I represent the average female. I don't have too much knowledge of handyman things or technical stuff, but if you explain to me what you are talking about then I am smart enough to know what is going on. So back to the story. With all these companies there have been two types of interactions. One attitude is negative. These people are either uncaring or sometimes rude about the problem I am having. They take the stance that the money is more important or their time is more important than my sastifaction and happiness with their product or service. The other attitude is positive. These companies tell me again and again that they are sorry for any confusion or problems and will do everything they can to fix it.

I had one company frustrate me so much that after the phone call I was so emotionally spent that I burst into tears. Poor Wade got a phone call of me barely being able to talk and all I could say was, "They were so mean!" I can't believe that any phone operator would ever treat a customer like that. I am not just one sale of a fridge or one fence installation. I could be an ongoing customer. I have friends and family members that purchase your products and I am more than willing to tell all of them to cancel their cards and head to your fiercest competitor. And the one major way to make that not happen is to tell your phone operators to treat the customer just like you would your best friend (or whoever they hold in high regards) and be apologetic for my problem. Break me a deal if it has taken me 5 phone calls to finally get this problem solved. I promise it will be worth it when it is time for me to purchase a dishwasher, add on to my cable, or refer a new customer to you.

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Rick said...

My brother once had a terrible experience at a Roadhouse restaurant. So he posted on his blog and send a link to the corporate headquarters. It wasn't revenge, he just wanted others to know that the service had been bad. The local manager called him, gave them gift cards worth about two meals for two, and told them to call ahead to make sure he was there next time they came. Came out feeling better about the chain.