Liana Walks!!!

Liana has been taking a few steps for about a month now, but Thursday during her physical therapy she decided to really go for it. She walked back and forth across the room almost the entire therapy time. Her highest number of consecutive steps (with no help) was 18! Obviously I ended up getting the camera after she was getting tired so her best ones were at the beginning of therapy, but this video will show you just how amazing she is!

God has been so good to us and He has used our girls countless times to show us how mighty He is and that He answers our prayers, even the audacious ones! Liana has come a long way from the preemie they wanted to take off life support and it is all because of our might God! Enjoy the video.


Nicole said...

Fantastic! What a miracle!
Bravo Liana!

dawn said...

awesome!! way to go to your sweet miracle baby!!!! her and jaelyn have started walking at the same time!!

Holly Furtick said...

Yeah!! Praise God! PS. I love hearing you talk to them in your videos.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for little Liana!! What a blessing by our amazing God!! He is so GOOD!! Miss you guys and I love the updates--keep them up!! Anna Owens Mt. Horeb Small group

Erin said...

That was a great video!! It made me tear up! :) She is so sweet and reminds me of our Isabel. Congrats on her walking!! It's such an unforgettable milestone, especially when the doctors tell you in the beginning it will never be possible! We still pray one day Isabel will take steps on her own like Liana.

Take care!
Brendan, Erin
Lily and Isabel
(The twins you met a few weeks ago at elevation. They went through exactly what your girls did!)

Michelle Jamie said...