Christmas 09

(Awkward moment for how long it has been since I have blogged)

Glad we are done with that now :)

I just starting getting sad the other day that I had all these thoughts captured from the first year the girls were born and lately it has been so long since I have done anything. I am letting too many memories escape without being captured on my blog!

So I have a whole bunch of pictures I want to upload in case any of my family or friends still read this blog. I'll start with our Christmas pictures since that is the most recent.

The girls loved Christmas! This year you could tell that they knew that they had new things and they seemed in awe as they walked/crawled into their decked out playroom and kept going back and forth to all the things "Santa" had brought them.

Here are just a few pics of opening presents and playing with the new toys in the playroom.


Cindy said...

The girls are getting so big. They are absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey my name Patti and I work with your mom. She had told me about. Things that you are going through.letting you know GOD IS FAITHFUL .PRAYING FOR YOUR. FAMILY.