The girls had their first trip to the beach and they loved it! The last night there Liana had a fever and didn't sleep very well. But after taking a trip to the doctor and getting some antibiotics, she was able to enjoy the last day. We also went to Barefoot Landing and the girls got to see the alligators, lizards, snakes, and fish. Here are some of our pictures and make sure you check the others on my Flickr page here.

Standing in the ocean for the first time!
Liana determined to get out of her float and into the water.
Adleigh loving that her hat is out of her face.
Swinging sweet Adleigh around on the beach. I love this picture:)
The family picture as we stare out at the ocean.


Anonymous said...

Are you expecting again?

Ferris said...

Haha! Nope. Just haven't lost all my weight yet.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone ask that question on someone's blog? Especially ask it of someone who gave birth to twins a year ago? Must be a man, or a really clueless woman.

Colleen Corbett said...

What an awesome family photo Ferris!! I love it! You guys look great!

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

I love that last picture! What an absolutely beautiful picture!!! The one of you and Adleigh is beautiful picture also. Amazing!