The 1 year Birthday!

Well today is actually my birthday so I guess it is fitting that I post the girls' bday pictures today :)

We had a blast. There were so many people celebrating what God had done and is doing in their lives. I must say how amazing it felt to see the girls gobbling up their 1 year birthday cake and to know what all it took to get to this point. We did have an incident where Adleigh's birthday cake got pushed into the floor and yes I picked it up and gave it back to her. Only one side was damaged! So here are the little ladies in all their glory! I have posted just a few and you can check out more on my Flickr page.

Also, a few weeks ago our church showed a video of the story of our girls. It shows how God answered our prayers. You can see it at Pastor Steven Furtick's blog.

Liana is loving some cake.

Adleigh isn't quite sure if she should dig in or not.

Oh the joy of a baby's first taste of something sweet.

My sister with her daughter Pressley!

Liana with the Hubatka girls.


Kim Gushee said...

I just love the pictures. Thank you for posting the video they played at church I was not there that SUnday I had a very sick baby at home and missed it.

geisme said...

Happy birthday Ferris! I remember when my girls turned 1. One just dove right into the cake the other was such a princess~couldn't get her hands all dirty. Too fun. Thanks for sharing the pics. -Gail

Dawn Massey said...

happy birthday to you! and a belated one to your sweet sweet girls!!!

Becky said...

My mom bought my niece Arie the same dress for her first birthday which was July 10th.

Wishing you and your precious girls Happy Birthday (a little late I know).

Lindsay Smith said...

Hey Ferris!! Was just wondering where you got the girls' cute birthday cakes?? I'd love to get a similar one for my baby girl next month!! Thanks!!

Ferris said...

Hey Lindsay,
I got a big cake for the guests and two little cakes from Harris Teeter. And if your child is turning one you get the little cakes for free. I just told them I wanted them to all have the same colors.