Together time

This week seemed to fly by. My mom asked me when I was going to post another blog and it feels like just yesterday I had posted one, but it has been like a week! And I know this coming week is going to be just as crazy. We have our hearing screens Monday, Liana at 8 am and Adleigh at 10 am. They are supposed to be calm or asleep and that is usually their most awake time, so we will see how that goes. Then Wednesday we go back to the neurosurgery place for Liana's head check. Thursday we go to the pediatrician for our 2nd shot for RSV and to get their weight checked. I am guessing we are between 9 and 10 lbs now. Such big girls!!

SHORT UPDATES: Liana is doing amazing. She had her physical therapy session and PT lady said she was doing way better than most preemies. She is doing some things that a 4 month old can do and we are corrected at only 2 months. Adleigh is doing just as amazing and we are seriously blown away about how strong and smart they are. God is already showing that a brain bleed has no final say over His plans. By the way, Liana's bleed is still resolving and everything is looking like it should. They will want to continue to watch her until she is about 3 years old.

Adleigh's jaundice is doing a lot better. Her liver levels are going into normal ranges. Her skin is still yellow, but looking a lot more pinky pale to me. All the scans and tests they ran came back normal so it is officially just the TPN made her liver stuff all gunky and it is hard for her to get rid of her bili. So we will be on the meds for a little while longer.

Ok so, we all know what time it is...photo shoot time! Here is a group of the girls having what we call "together time," which usually means shoving a baby into the other baby's face (jk...kinda).

Seriously how did I get both of these shots? Back to back too! Too funny.
I would like to hear your caption for this picture .


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ferris for posting the pics of the girls, they look so adorable , and so healthy. Your blog is the next best thing to seeing the girls besides being there. Thank you, I know all the Dr apts. will go well. Remember when I went to the Dr with you and how well Adleigh did with her Dr apts???She did Great!
We all love you all,,and Ferris your doing a Great job, I'm extremely proud of you.I Love you ..Love ,your MoM

Jennie said...

Your girls are incredibly beautiful. Your attitude and faith is so inspiring to me!
Thank you for continuing to share your testimony!
I am praying for you and your girls.

Sharlie said...

These pictures are beautiful! Everytime I get on the computer, Pressley tries to climb in my lap and yells, "Babies!" She loves looking at their pictures. The other day she tried to say Liana when we were looking at them.
The girls look so healthy and you are such an awesome mom. We love you!
Sharlie, Benjamin, and Pressley

Aimee and I said...


They are precious and we can't wait to see you guys again! It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for us. We are so glad that things are going good for you two. Tell everyone we said hello :)

Love ya!

The Freemans :)

Judy said...

Picture captions: "I know something she doesn't know!" or "Mommy likes me best!," but it is most likely, "I love bein' with Sissy!"

Thank God for His goodness. Thank God for wonderful parents, who believe and speak His Word.

Katie said...

That is the CUTEST pic...Liana definitely looks like she's thinking something sneaky or silly :) (almost looks like she's doing her "dr evil" impression from Austin powers?? LOL) too cute! I am praising God with you, I've been praying for your girls since the beginnning! Their lives alone are a testimony to the power of our Loving God and the amazing power of prayer as well! I continue to lift you, Wade, and your beautiful girls up. God bless...

Lisa said...

I love these updates!

Liana's thinking: :"I AM the cutest thing EVER."
Adleigh is thinking: "Until she discovers she is an identical twin! Break it to her gently mom..."

Jennifer said...


Liana: Tee hee. I pooted.
Adleigh: I smell it.


Anonymous said...

caption for picture:
Adleigh: uhgg..not another photo shoot...
Liana: just smile for the camera and it will be over!